how's about a sarsaparilla? (volcanomasta) wrote,
how's about a sarsaparilla?


Today my hands our in your hands; Tomorrow they could be in anyones. We were glued to thrones in our living rooms like kings and queens of sloth. The rage was brewing. Happiness was playing hide and go seek with your spirit. She still hasn't found her under the basement with the broken toys and dead rodents. Mini breakdowns on top of kitchen sinks decorate this surburban tragedy. The population lay still in it's crib surrounded by the wallstreet wallpaper, under the doomsday mobile. "Have you checked the baby monitor my love?" In the office they burned their clothes but they were just given uniforms. In the prisons they prayed red handed and naked. "I'm thinking we should tailgate the apocolypse. After all I could really use a good buzz." Each of them created in silence a better version of themselves. They called them redemption dolls and only a few moved on their own. The chant was in unison but a few kept quiet with delayed cynacism. Yes they wore white robes but covered in paint as if to hide the supposed innocence in a child like way, similar to a child bashfully lying to his parents about the broken vase. Good and Evil played chess on eternities sunrise but they always ended in stalemate until one of them learned how to cheat.
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