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2009 recap

General memories(good and bad):

1. The 94.9 holiday show with Jeanette
2. Balboa Park with Erika and friends
3. The night I didnt meet Perez Hilton
4. Record shopping with Jason Schwartzman
5. Shiny Toy Guns at Pride
6. San Francisco solo road trip/meeting up with Steph and Allen
7. The night of Crab hands
8. The punk party
9. San Francisco Pride
10.The tree house party and the Andy Warhol debate
13.The worst trip to Disneyland
14.The beer pong nights
15.Midnight bowling with David and Ariel
16.The worst "birthday"
17.A great "birthday party" at U31
18.The zoo with my Aunt
19.The real world Brooklyn/The Ruins
20.Melisa's hotel party
21.New Car
22.Seeing Eve 6 at the fair
23.getting scammed at the fair
25.trivia night at bourbon street
26.losing a best friend by making a very stupid mistake
27.Gaining a new best friend
28.My walks
29.Seeing people I havent seen in years at Steph's going away shindig
30.OB With Mike and his neighbors
31.Seeing Bon Iver at a graveyard in LA at Sunrise
32.That one month
33.Almost getting myself fired
34.Slamming my finger in my car door
35.Fun times at Sushi Deli
37.Passion Pit in Pomona
38.Getting lost in Santa Cruz and Monterey
39.Carime's 21st at Disneyland
40.watching a friend go through some tough times(very sad)
41.The freedom and frustration of not owning a phone
42.Sushi with co-workers
43.Rocking out to The National with Sebastian in LA
44.Getting autographs from Julian plenti and the band members of girls.
45.Making fun of LA and Dior with Sebastian
46.Being Drunk and annoying at the Kurt Vile show
47.Freaking out at Erika and Celestes place
48.Daniels 21st in OB
49.The most memorable and unplanned 4th of July in more bad ways then good.
50.Dancing to Los Hollywood at The Office
51.The Christmas parties
52."Angela Lansbury is dead?!"
53.Watching Avatar in 3d
54.Dirty Projectors
55.Watching Paranormal Activity
56.Seeing Jeanette in random places
57.Being introduced to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
58.Hanging out with Carime and friends
59.Going back to church
60.Getting into my sampler again
61.Seeing M83 with my Aunt
62.Chilling with my brother
63.The Flaming Lips show with my dad and John
64."Cher is dead?!"
65.Movie nights with Daniel
66.Aunt Mary comes to visit
67.December nights with Artuto and Erika
68.The princess and the frog/apples to apples night
69.The circus with Erika and breaking my sandal
70.Lady Dottie and the Diamonds

Best Albums(in order):
1.Animal Collective-Merriweather Post Pavilion
2.Dirty Projectors-Bitte Orca
3.The XX-self titled
4.Phoenix-Wolgang Amadeus Phoenix
5.Passion Pit-Manners

Best Songs(in order):
1.Girls-Hellhole ratrace
2.Animal Collective-My Girls
3.Dirty Projectors-No Intention
4.Animal Collective-Brother Sport
5.The Raveonettes-Last Dance
6.The XX-Crystalized
7.Kurt Vile-Freeway
8.Animal Collective-Lion in a Coma
9.Shakira-She Wolf
10.Dirty Projectors-Useful Chamber
11.Passion Pit-Little Secrets
12.The Radio Dept-Messy Enough
13.The Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Zero
14.Why?-This Blackest Purse
16.The Very Best-Warm Heart of Africa
17.Bat For Lashes-Daniel
18.Little Boots-Remedy
19.La Roux-Bulletproof
20.Miley Cyrus-Party in the USA
21.Bon Iver-Blood Bank
22.Taylor Swift-You belong to me(even though the album came out in 2008 it was a 2009 single)
23.Hockey-Song away
24.Grizzly Bear-Two Weeks
25.The XX-You've got the love(Florence and the Machine cover/remix)

Best Film:
I still have a lot to see but Avatar was revolutionary cinema.

Best TV shows(in order):
1.It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
2.The Real World Brooklyn
3.Flight of The Conchords
5.the Ruins

Best memories (in order):
1.The meteor shower with Erika.
2.The Balboa Park night
3.Partying with Mike and his neighbors
4.The 94.9 show with Jeanette
5.Driving Home from San Francisco on the Coast/getting lost in Monterey and Santa Cruz

Overall it was a year of extreme highs and extreme lows for me.

2010 goals:
1.Move out again
2.Finish school
3.Pay off my car
5.Learn how to cook one meal from as many cultures as possible

2010 is going to be a lot of work for me but it will pay off in 2011.
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