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2011 memories

2011 was all about extreme fun and extreme drama. I'll focus on the fun. In no particular order

1.Coachella. Highlights include: Animal Collective, moshing at the death from above 1979 show, Arcade Fire's entire set especially crowd surfing seconds before the glow balls, crowd surfing on my back to Ratatat, the hotel parties with Paola Rachel, Alex,Carolina Yvette and Lianna, drinking liquid peanut butter, the campgrounds and roller skating with Lianna, dancing to the twelves by myself, meeting friends on the shuttle, etc
2.Kesha in La rushing the stage and stealing one of her mannequin heads and then getting my shirt ripped off and kicked out and then ending up at a LA dubstep trendy club covered in glitter and carrying the same mannequin head
3.Washed out in La followed by the best dj set and dance party of my life
4.Skipping pride for a way better adventure with lianna
5. Rickys rad Halloween party with so many good friends and people. Dancing with Jeebs to Backstreet Boys
6.Bretts going away party with Erika Kelly Andi Arturo and Nelly
7.Hiding that tacky quazalcoatl bird painting with the roomies andi and daniel in silly places in the apartment
8. Hoarding drinks with Paola and Alex at U31 during free drink night and laughing it up with Sarah
9.Listening to music and talking with David in my car until 7am that one night
10.80s night with Earl Raul and Jeanette
11.The night at u31 with Dylan lianna ricky insect stickers fireworks and a cancelled blackbird blackbird show
12.The night Lianna and I met cristobal sal and iggy
13. Mikeys house party with Joey Matt Felica Dylan Lianna Becky and Jeremy where we got down to The Knife and Regina Spektor
14. Gayngs with Joseph Becky and Lianna, billboard climbing and a dance party
15.Pictureplane at soda bar with andi and Daniel and the guy that asked if he was at a gay club when he saw us dancing. Haha
16.That one random lesbian party
17.South park walkabout with Jeanette lianna and miguel
19.Kisses at soda bar with Jeanette ricky and lianna and a brazilian wish bracelet as a souvenir
20.Easter eggs with cristobal
21.Karaoke night in clairemont where I realized just how little of Styxs Come sail away I knew
22.Lazy brunch Sundays
23.Laughing at Habitat houses hipster shit with Jeanette and then having a mijo burger
24.Coning planking and other internet fads with Lianna
25.Mikeys amazing house party where I moshed in my work pants
26.Hammering a hole in jeffs bathroom door
27.Walks at balboa park
28.Getting way too competitive with game nights at Camp Lehnert
29.There's bugs in your phone bro
30.The hike with Chicky and Dad
31.Phoebe and Jasper
32.Zsa Zsa at work
33.Ac lounge when Keenan visited
34.Voyeur and then watching Vanessa and ricky ride the bull at double deuces
35.M and M s Wafflecone ice cream and ann coulter
36.December nights with the family
37.Running into so many old friends at the 4th of july marshmallow fight at ob and the OB street fair
38.Carimes adorable tea party with tasty treats
39.Sneaking into Comic Con
40. Redline makes you win
41. Saturday night/Sunday mornings with Jeff and Dylan
42. Las Vegas and dancing my ass off with Rachel
43. That one week when we got into working out
44. All the interesting customers at work
45.A speech class where people said the most offensive things ive ever heard in person. It was so ridiculous and awkward that its really funny in retrospect
46.Drinking on pb roofs with Jeff and Dylan
47.The night with the fire extinguisher
48. Del mar fair with Lianna Jeff and Roxy
49. Rickys Halloween party
50. Free wifi
51.A mellow but fun night at the Reagle Beagle and the Ken club
52.Finally graduating from school
53.Sea port village day with Rachel and her mom Dylan and lianna and dancing on the merry go round to washed out
54.Hanging with Joey Michael Felicia matt and megan
55.Sleeping on someones lawn on st patricks day
56.Tobacco rhodas streaking nights
57.Allison's fishbowl game
58.Jaryd and Paola days off together
59.Being the only one dancing at the Weekend show and loving it
60.Sunday brunches with Carime
61.El Bar and drinking on its roof
62.Digital and real life versions of QWOP with sam and jeff
63. Lengthy ANTM discussions with David
64. Jamming with Dylan Jeff, Zach and my brother
65.Thought Casino
66. Learning a little bit too much about LARP
67.Veronicas christmas get together
68. Dylans surprise visit
69. My awesome co-workers making work tolerable
70. Combining groups of friends on Dylans birthday at Triple Crown with Joey Felicia and Michael
71.Shark week at Liannas which was really just an excuse for a mellow house party
72. Going with Rachel to her school event
73. Redline booze and dancing in balboa park with david
74. That one night at the Office with Lianna, Rachel Paola and Alex and the toy animals from CVS
75.The two haus parties I went to
76. Getting in trouble at Balboa Park with Miguel and Lianna and then ending up at the tire swing in Point Loma.
77. Almost getting kicked out at the Kesha show at Cricket with Jeanette Lianna and Rachel and then starting a parking lot dance party on top of my car to "Shout"
78.The 80s night with Dylan Paola Lianna and Patty
79. Bar west night
80. The blackout
81. Getting addicted to Thought Catalog
82. "SKIN!"
83. Watching "cake videos". Lianna Paola Rachel Ricky and Dylan know what Im talking about
84. Playing the fishbowl game with Chicky Mom and Zack on christmas
85. Missiongathering
86. The lion king in 3d
87. The night with the poetry slam, True North and dancing to the cover of the Strokes song with Jeanette
88. Having one of the best nights of the year on Rachels birthday as she slept right next to us.
89. The SOC christmas party with Cait Jeff Roxy and Sam
90.Bonding about music movies and life with Joey
91. Static Synesthesia

2011 was seriously my most fun year . I had some really great memories with new friends, old friends family and even strangers. It unfortunately was full of some set backs and way too much stupid and not so stupid drama. I think I grew a lot this year though and Im really excited for what 2012 is gonna bring even though Im not sure it will be able to top 2011 in fun. Anyways, thanks all of you amazing people for making it my best year yet. I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a very productive year for everyone .I mean this could be the last year of the world. Live it up people.
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