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how's about a sarsaparilla?


In no particular order

1.The Hot Lava Gang
2.Ob nights with Erika and Celeste
3.Ben's 21st
4.Badminton class
5.4th of July party
6.Seeing Yeasayer at The Natural History Museum in LA with Daniel
7.Cobra's doggie school
8.Sedona, and Grand Canyon trip with Daniel
9.Dancing in the balboa park fountain to ke$ha with David
10.ANTM night with Marc and David
11.Leaving Sea World
12. Starting Chase
13.Jsix dinner with Marc
14.Drinking too much at Daniel and Andis xmas party and rocking out to ke$ha on my bed
15.Dan Aykroyd day at work
16.Hornblower cruise
17.Music class with Jeff and Dylan and are "are you pondering" song
18.Xiu Xiu at the Casbah with Sebastian
19.Sufjan Stevens at the casbah with Jeanette and our crazy ride up there where we thought we had a flat tire and told scary stories and then visiting Rachel later
20.Rachel's soccer game
21.Jeff's bowling bday
22.Phantogram at the Casbah with Dylan and Jeanette
23.Crossword puzzles with co-workers
24.Del Mar fair with Erika, Brett and Andy and seeing Styx
25.Moving out
26. Balboa Park walks
27.Carime's xmas party and reenacting Britney music videos
28.Taking trips to Riverside to visit Jeff and Carime and helping them move back
29. Mini golf at Riverside
30.Mille Bornes
31. Toki Tori
32.Beach Fossils at Bar Pink
33.Jeanette's Christmas Eve party and looking at the lights on Garrison st.
34.Jersey Shore Thursday nights
35.Baths at the Soda Bar with Marc and Andi
36.Watching 127 hours with my brother and watching a guy faint because of the film.
37.Oscar Party at Redwing and tying for first place with Lester at a Oscar prediction competition
38.Playing King's Cup at Kim's place
39.Carime and my birthday party at u31
40.English presentation with Kelly and a rude girl that didn't speak English
41.Creating an artistic icon and figure with Jeanette Leticia and Earl and then having a dance party on Harbor Drive
42.Halloween at El Dorado
43.Del Mar Fair Screamzone with David and Marc
44.Getting my fb hacked
45.Carime's bday picnic/bbq
46.Seeing Oddsac with Chicky and meeting all members of Animal Collective except Panda Bear!
47.Visiting the Seaworld bowling night and hanging out with Erika, Kelly, Andi and Brett
48.Hanging out with Marc and Daniel till 4 in the morning
49.Getting halfway through the year before quitting my New Years resolution of making a different ethnic dish every month
50.December nights with Jeff, Carime. and Kim and then with Jeanette, Michelle and John
51.Vault Reunion at Dave and Busters
52.Daniel's Surprise party
53.The day at Chase when the systems went down
55. Getting to know Ally better on the Portland trip
56. Rafting on the Portland trip
57. Seattle Road Trip on the Portland trip
58. Kava night
59. Super Ghost N Goos night
60.Heart to Heart with Melissa and Daniel in my Car
61.Heart to Heart with Mari and Melissa in my car
62.Farmers Market
63.u31 with Roger Carime and Jeff
64.Reading a bunch of classics in the beginning of the year
65.Hanging out with Jeanette and Leticia in National City and Chuck E Cheese
66.Running into Jeanette at Random places like Black Friday
67.David and I taking Marc on a surprise adventure
68.Ending up at a Goth night at a bar with Andi
69.Bourbon st. with Daniel and then getting free drinks at a hair salon's grand opening and then picking Andi up
70.Going to the Zoo with Lester
71.Kelly's 21st at On Broadway
72.Having one of the best days of my life going to see Hubble in 3d in La with Daniel and then hanging out at the Science Center and the going to the observatory and finally having one of the best nights bar hopping in La
73.Rachels 21st
74.Rupaul Mania
75. Teaching myself to Lucid dream
76.My Mom and my brother
77.Mardi Gras with Andi, Xavier and Maricella
78. Chopsticks Too with Veronica, Jeanette and Leticia
79. Just hanging out with good friends and watching good tv like Freaks and Geeks
80.The bird painting that me and my roommates hid
81. Dylan, Rachel and a scab
82. The night keenan visited and when we went to the AC lounge
83. Ally's going away party at Bluefoot and The Office
84. Crocodiles at the casbah where a crazy girl danced to her glass
85. Hockey with Jeanette, the jazz band at bar pink reggae dancing at the office, u31 and then dennys
86.fiona horne
87.rues ghost story
88.gimme pizza!
90.Tapas with Jeff and Carime
91.Crossroads with rifftrax
92.Starting a dance party with Rachel at U31
93.Making fun of the Del Mar fair with Daniel
94.The drama of switching addresses
95. Almost burning my apartment down with an empenada

All in all it was a pretty rough year but I definitely had a lot of good memories and a bunch of things changed for me so I guess it wasn't that bad. I am definitely ready for 2011 though.

Thank you to everyone for making this year interesting and eventful. I had some good times with you guys.
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So many good memories with you this past year!! Time to make some new ones this year!! :)